Gift Set Paisley Project Bag Set

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Gift Set Paisley Project Bag Set

     Includes; Project Bag, 2 Skeins of Yarn, Chocolates, Tea


1000 Stars Project Bag, with Wrist Strap, Paisley pattern

Teapigs Lazy Days, Lemon & Ginger, 15 Temples

Maggie Louise Lone Star Chocolates;

     Milk Chocolate Cactus, filled with hazelnut mocha crunch

     Dark Chocolate Cowboy Boot, filled with salted caramel 

     White Chocolate Texas, filled with hazelnut cream

Yarn Set

Set 1     Baah Yarns, La Jolla, Fingering, monthly Color May 2019

Set 2     Euphoria Knits, Frenzy, Fingering, LYS Spring 2020

Set 3     Euphoria Knits, Frenzy, Fingering, Carousel Court

Set 4     Savvy Skeins, Sensible Sock, Fingering, Delphinium